Poem of the month

September 2017
This poem (from the pamphlet Gardening with My Father) contrasts summer and winter days. It is appropriate to this time of year as the seasons change and we approach the autumn equinox.


This garden is full of days
Summer days of waking in a light room
In these days, heat rises from dry earth
Tools are hot to the hand
Plants long for water that comes
In afternoons green with heavy rain
In these days the dusk slips into evening unnoticed
The light stays as long as it dares
And after the house is closed for the night
Voices hang in the quiet twilight
This garden is full of days
Winter days of waking before daylight
The house grown cold in the night
In these days colours are too bright to last
Afternoon mist steals the shape of things
At dusk, the smell of wood smoke and wet leaves
In these days evenings are for the comfort of lit rooms
For watching from the window as the great tree disappears
In these nights the garden breathes in the dark
And the hours and days creep slowly round the clock
©Elizabeth Hare 2015