Out of the Ordinary



Published by Elizabeth Hare, 2012

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Gardening with my Father


Published by Hen Run (an imprint of Grey Hen Press) 2015

“Hare is a poet at the edge of things … she writes because she has something to say that’s worth saying and worth reading. And she knows how to do it; she handles words and all rest of the paraphernalia of writing poetry with both modesty and skill … these laconic, unpretentious, accessible poems should find an appreciative readership.” R.V. Bailey

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Published by Wayleave Press 2019

“Beautifully unembellished poems, the artistry in the carefully made lines isn’t at first apparent. This is a poet less concerned to show off her craft, than to reflect workaday injustices — judiciously. For all their intrinsic (though never saccharine) compassion, punches aren’t pulled … Testimony invites us to meet our fellow travellers. Notice that seeing is a kind of rebellion, a kind of love. See how that feels.” Rebecca Bilkau

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