Monthly Archives: July 2018

Rain at last and I’m blogging …

Having abandoned my (very dry) vegetable garden which is now being drowned and blown to bits, here I am at the desk about to write my rather late July blog! Well, I know I never managed May and June, but that’s life in a heat wave. ‘I’m blogging in the rain, just blogging in the rain… ‘

My writing life

on the other hand, has not been in abeyance at all. In May I was pleased to receive my copy of Envoi with my poem The Jargon in it. This poem is one of a group of five I wrote about the experience of working in a night shelter for the homeless. It took a while after I stopped doing that work before I had processed the experience enough to write about it. That happens sometimes and at other times something you’ve just done leaps out at you in the middle of the night and you jump up to write a poem about it there and then. That doesn’t happen that often, but it has …

I have  managed to write fairly steadily over the last few months, more or less a poem a week, shoved along by the writing group, which meets weekly, and by A Writers’ Book of Days which I turn to regularly for prompts. I sent some poems off to Happenstance for the July window and have just received encouraging feedback. This is the second time I have done this, and on both occasions it has pushed me to get my poems out there. So the poems are, after further editing, going out to magazines to try to make their way in the world. I’ll let you know how they get on.

My Reading Life

What? This is holiday time… I’m allowed to read detective fiction and gardening magazines… back to the serious stuff in the autumn.

 Hare in the headlights

I have just received a huge pile of leaflets for the Kendal Poetry Festival to distribute here on behalf of Brewery Poets, 6th to 9th September for your diaries. Visit for further information. Oh yes, I nearly forgot it’s in Hare in the Headlights because I am reading on Friday  at 4 as part of Afternoon Tea with the Brewery Poets (complete with scones and jam  and cream).

See you there!