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Season’s Greetings

Last blog of 2015

my Christmas poem for this year

In These Times

In these times, when brutal armies are on the march
When the rich live fearful, behind locked gates, and the poor
Have nothing to eat and nowhere to go;
In these times when there is so much food in the shops
And so many people go hungry, when the days are dark
And the nights darker. In these winter times
There are still those who collect toys for children,
Who give away the money they do not need,
Who eat Christmas dinner with prisoners.
In these times when occupying armies
Send everyone back where they came from,
To where there is nowhere to stay, or keep warm,
There are still those who find shelter for a pregnant girl,
Who bring a blanket for her child new born.
There are still those who travel to visit with gifts and hope.
In these times, in these hard winter times
There are still and always, good people.

Elizabeth Hare
© 2015

See you next year!